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Custom Hot Rod Carburetors

At Dick's Hot Rod Carbs we specialize in creating traditional hot rod carburetor systems. Because we don't limit our systems to only Rochester carburetors, we can build the traditional hot rod carb system you'd like with the speed equipment of your choice. We customize each carb system to the owners specifications using whatever vintage two barrel carburetors you prefer. Whether you choose the venerable Stromberg 97, Holley 94, or the Rochester 2G we will create the eye candy to crown your engine. Because we hand build every unit we sell we guarantee to build a reliable carb system already tuned to your engine, ready to bolt on and fire up.

Traditional Tri Power Carbs

Edelbrock's 553 tri power manifold for Y Block motors

We have been creating one-of-a-kind traditional hot rod carburetion systems for over 30 years and developed a long list of satisfied customers around the globe from America to England and down to Australia. Our talents for tuning carburetors and carburetor systems is well-known in hot rod circles around the country. We have a specialized talent at focusing on providing each of our customers with unique, jaw dropping tri power carbs, and multi carburetor systems for their hot rods.

Hot Rod Eye Candy

Anyone can bolt carburetors to an intake manifold. But only we can make your hot rod dream a reality with the crowning jewel of a multi carb set up on top of your motor. Give us a call to see how he can help you turn that boring ol' stock engine into some real "eye candy" with our carburetor accessories! Feel free to cruise around our website and see for yourself what sets Dick's Hot Rod Carbs apart from the rest. You can always reach us if you are ready to order carburetor parts, a complete system, or just have technical questions about tunning carburetors.