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I've spent almost a full year planning and building my Y Block. I decided early on I wanted a traditional motor to match my '55 F100, and felt a tri-power was the only way to go. I was very nervous about how to rebuild my carburetors and make them work with a Tri-Power- especially with the motor that I had invested so much time and money into. Dick's Hot Rod Carburetors was referred to me through the H.A.M.B. so I gave them a call. Mr. York was very helpful through the planning and build stages, took the time to answer questions, and was always willing to take my calls- and he met his timeline. By the end of our "project" he sent back my tri-power and it really is "hot rod eye candy." I couldn't be more happy with my carbies. I took these videos during the break in and dyno. The motor started right up, and by the end of the dyno session we were able to push one horsepower per cubic inch. Not bad for vintage speed equipment thanks to Dick's Hot Rod Carbs!    Ryan G.

Beautiful 4x4 induction system

Incredible, Dick's work is right on. Awhile back he built me a set up using an Offy dual quad intake, some gear drive slingshots with 4-94's parked on top... I grabbed the Dickster set up and bolted it down... I still was pretty nervous about getting the engine to start first time out and have a bunch of carbs to mess with on top of timing and all the other little issues that come with it. So I choked the #1 carb, hit the on switch and cranked it... I opened the choke and this mother idled perfect, solid lifters sounding just right, nice chop from the cam and instant idle response. I did not touch the carbs... Man, a 4 carb set up that I didn’t have to touch, fires up and runs right off the get go. The Dickster rules!! So you guys that have bought his stuff, bolt it on. Believe me, Dick's stuff looks awesome. If you are thinking about having someone build a non-cookie cutter custom intake system, then Dick's your man. He is easy to talk with and you will find that his builds are driven by the heart not the dollar.     PKJ

Aron Grote's 8x2 carburetor system built by Dick's Hot Rod Carbs
Aron Grote′s 8x2 carburetor system built by Dick′s Hot Rod Carbs
Aron Grote′s 8x2 carburetor system built by Dick′s Hot Rod Carbs

Dick did a fabulous job putting together the 8X2 setup for the Atomic Punk. I would highly recommend him, not only for his carburetion skills, but because he is also a swell guy. You just want to hug him, ya know?      Aaron Grote

A Beautiful 3x2 hot rod intake system

This is in regards to several multi-carb systems that I had Mr. York build for me. After doing a lot of research and seeing the junk my friends bought off that auction site, I came across Mr. York on the H.A.M.B. After seeing his stuff, I decided to get in touch with him, and it was the best thing I could have done. After a lengthy conversation of what I wanted, he said no problem. When I received my tri power, it was awesome - everything he said and more. I had an Edelbrock x-1, a 6 deuce intake, and I asked him about doing it for me with 6 matching Strombergs - old school. Needless to say it came out beyond what I thought - awesome. It seems Mr.York has been doing multi-carb units for years, and when I saw multi-carb units in my hot rod magazines, guess who - yes Mr. York. I also had him do some other dress up pieces. Great. Thanks Mr. York.      Eddie Kadlecek, Texas

6 by 2 induction with Scott Top Intakes

If you are looking to have an induction set-up built for your toy/obsession, then you have come to the right place. Having been trying to locate someone here in Australia to build one for me without much luck, I started looking elsewhere. As is so often the case these days, I ended up on American eBay and came across dickster27 selling a cool looking tri-power set up. Several emails turned into heaps of phone calls and eventually into three complete sets. Two 6x2 sets to suite a 409 and a Small Block Chevy Tri Power. During our conversations we learned that we both had some great ideas, I suggested and Dick would recommend, never did he push on me what he wanted but rather guided me as to what would work best. The Scott Carburetor Tops used on the last set were something I had been chasing. If you think finding them in the USA would be hard just try finding a set in Australia, it just wasn't going to happen. Dick rose to the challenge however and eventually was able to deliver a record set of six. I knew they were going to look great but was not ready for the WOW that I got when I saw the complete set for the first time. So if you’re after an induction set, you will be very happy with the workmanship and quality of Dick's systems, Communications were great and the packaging and freight were too.     Adrian (Australia)

Offenhauser Y Block Tri Power
Smooth Fuel Rail and stainless steel fuel lines

I Just got my Offenhauser Tri Power back from Dicks Hot Rod Carburetors. Dick was really nice, he knows his stuff. He did my system quickly and was great to deal with. It’s an Offenhauser with Holley 94 carburetors. Dick went through it all and totally rebuilt the carbs. When I got the system the end carbs were hollowed out dummies that were blocked off and the middle carb was the only working one. Dick made them all into functioning carbs, refinished the manifold and painted the carbs. New progressive linkage and air cleaners, Hard lines and a fuel log along with a pressure regulator. It's beautiful, hot rod eye candy for sure. The best part will be how well it will work. Thanks Dick